Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: residence is a word that comes from the English form residere, which used to mean to remain. Later, the word appeared in Old French and in English, but first in the form of reside. Then, in the Middle English residence started to exist. In modern English residence is a commonly used noun.

Definition of residence:
1. noun – a place where someone lives,
The magnificent building which you can see on the right is the President’s official residence.
2. noun – the permission to live in a country in which you weren’t born
A number of illegal immigrants are seeking permanent residence in the UK.

Phrases with residence:
A few common phrases with residence are: hall of residence, company residence, and registration of residence.
The most popular type of accommodation among students is a hall of residence as it’s cheap and close to the college.
The company residence can be found in the city center, but we have got our units in the whole area.
We cannot open a bank account for you until you confirm your registration of residence.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: residence doesn’t have a difficult spelling, but a lot of English users confuse the second syllable of the word with the word dance. As a consequence, a common mistake is to spell residence as residance, which is wrong.