Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: withdrawal is an English noun, which comes from the Latin language. The word is probably a result of the combination of the words away and draw. A possible Latin origin of withdrawal was the verb retrahere, which could be translated as to retract. When it comes to English, withdrawal entered it in the 13th century.

Definition of withdrawal:
1. noun – removing or leaving something,
The government has just announced the withdrawal of the military forces from the region.
2. noun – taking money from a bank account,
The last withdrawal from his bank account looked suspicious so the bank contacted him.
3. noun – stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol, etc.,
She has been suffering withdrawal symptoms since she gave up drinking.

Collocations with withdrawal:
A few common collocations include: withdrawal symptoms, troop withdrawal, and make a withdrawal.
When I decided to quit smoking, the first withdrawal symptoms were the feeling of confusion, irritation, and dizziness.
The plan for the troop withdrawal is for the next month, but with such an unstable situation in the region, it may change.
If you want to make a withdrawal of your money, you only need your card and PIN number.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: an English word withdrawal has quite a difficult spelling and pronunciation. The combination of letters at the end of the word, which is -wal, is rather unusual for English. As a result, a common mistake is to spell withdrawal as withdrawl, which is wrong.