Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word Buddha has its origin in the Sanskrit word budh, which means to awaken. In fact, the literal translation of Buddha is awakened or the one who has become aware. For ages, the word had been common in Asia only, but once people started to explore the world, the idea of Buddha came to English, too.

Definition of Buddha:
1. noun – the holy man, the religion of Buddhism is based on his life and teachings,
Buddha’s way of life has changed my life and after my trip to Asia, I became a different person.
2. noun – a statue or image of Buddha,
People in the village worship Buddha so they built an impressive statue of him.

Phrases with Buddha:
A few common phrases with Buddha are: Emerald Buddha (a national treasure of Thailand), tooth of the Buddha (a relic of Buddha), and Buddha’s teachings.
The Emerald Buddha is kept closed and protected most of the time and people can see it only on special occasions.
The explorers have found a tooth of Buddha in the temple, which is exciting news for everyone.
According to Buddha’s teachings, we have more than we need and we should live a more minimalist way of life.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: Buddha is a rather easy word when it comes to both pronunciation and spelling. The former, however, may suggest a different spelling of the word. As a result, Buddha is often spelled as Buddah, which is incorrect.