Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: naturally, the word Chinese comes from the word China, which on the other hand derives from the name of the Chinese dynasty, which is Qin and is pronounced as chin. When it comes to English, China and Chinese first appeared in the 16th century, when they came directly from Portuguese. Grammatically speaking Chinese is an adjective.

Definition of Chinese:
1. adjective – something which relates to China, people from China, or its language,
There is a wonderful Chinese restaurant in our town, where we can go for dinner tomorrow.

Phrases with Chinese:
Some commonly used phrases with Chinese are: Chinese food, Chinese medicine, and Chinese characters (letters in the alphabet).
Chinese food is considered to be very healthy as it’s rich in seafood, vegetables, and herbs.
There are many cases in which traditional medicine was helpless while Chinese medicine actually cured a patient.
I’ve always wanted to learn Chinese, but these Chinese characters are so difficult to write.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word Chinese isn’t difficult to spell, but because of the long -i sound in the pronunciation, many English users spell Chinese with a double -e letter, which gives an incorrect form Chineese. The only correct spelling is with a single -e letter, which is Chinese.