Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: English noun destruction comes from the Latin verb destruere, which meant to destroy. Destruction appeared in English in Middle English, when it entered the language from an Old French word destruire. Today, destruction is a commonly used noun, which can be either uncountable or countable.

Definition of destruction:
1. noun – when something is being destroyed;
The destruction of our planet is probably one of the greatest concerns, that we have to deal with.

Collocations with destruction:
Some common collocations with destruction include: environmental destruction, total destruction, and self-destruction.
Unfortunately, the majority of scientists think that the environmental destruction we’ve caused is irreversible.
If the river banks break, it’s going to be total destruction of the whole region.
Her parents can do nothing but observe her self-destruction caused by drug abuse.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: destruction has quite a simple spelling, but still many English users make a mistake and misspell it as distruction – with the -i letter instead of -e in the first syllable. It is probably the consequence of the pronunciation of the word, which may suggest that there is the -i letter. Nevertheless, the only correct spelling is destruction.