Both forms are correct. These two forms are correct, however, they are the same in pronunciation and very alike in spelling they have completely different purposes. If we tried to replace your and you’re in sentences, they would make absolutely no sense. Your is a pronoun that is used as an attributive adjective and determines possession. On the other hand, you’re is a contraction of you are, which is a conjugated verb to be. Although a word with an apostrophe can be easily associated with possession, in that case, it is the one without it that has this function.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: possessive form of you, a pronoun is used as a possessive adjective that signalizes belonging.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: a contraction of the phrase you are, which is a conjugation of a verb to be in the second person singular and plural.

Definition of your:
pronoun: belonging or relating to a certain person or people generally;
Can I borrow your bike?
Good night’s sleep is important for your health.

Definition of you’re:
verb: contraction of you are; to be, exist, happen, take place, occur;
You’re a perfect match for this part.
Make sure you’re ready to move your things tomorrow morning.