Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: drove is a past tense of the verb to drive and belongs to the category of irregular verbs. This means that while regular verbs have an -ed suffix added when there’s a need to create a past tense, irregular forms do not have such a rule and are based on various historical changes. This is why drove is correct, even though its word formation underwent a different process.

Definition of drove:
Verb, past tense of drive
1. An act of controlling a vehicle/moving by a vehicle
He became rich but still drove his old car.
2. To move/influence something in a specific direction, usually figuratively
The circumstances drove me to the point where I had to find a new job.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the form drived may be misleading, as most past tenses of verbs are created using the -ed suffix. Drive is, however, an irregular verb, which is why its past form is not created in the same way. The correct past tense is drove, even though it may seem less intuitive. Unfortunately, irregular past tense forms are based on Old English, so there are no rules for all of them and it’s best to remember them by heart.