Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: eigth is a wrong spelling of the number 8 because the word eight incorporates the ght sound, a pattern found in other words such as light or fight. The confusion may stem from the historical practice of Middle English scribes using -gh- in place of the hard H sound, especially when it preceded the letter -t-. This is why the only accurate spelling for this word is eight. Eigth is a mistake, potentially influenced by the presence of the -th suffix.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word eight poses a common spelling challenge, often perplexing English learners due to its pronunciation. It’s important to understand that Middle English scribes had a habit of substituting the hard H sound with the letter combination -gh-, particularly when it preceded the letter -t-. Consequently, the proper spelling employs ght, as seen in words like fight and night. Therefore, eigth is incorrect, and the correct spelling is eight.

Definition of eight:
numeral, a cardinal number between seven and nine
It takes me approximately eight minutes to walk from my house to the nearest bus stop.
The company’s annual meeting is scheduled for eight o’clock in the morning, so please be punctual.

Collocations with eight:
1. To be behind the eight ball
To be behind the eight ball means to find oneself in a challenging or unfavorable situation. This phrase draws its inspiration from the game of pool, where the eight ball is the last ball that should be pocketed. If it’s inadvertently pocketed too soon, the player loses, making it a situation one should strive to avoid.
Her car broke down on the way to the job interview, and she felt like she was behind the eight ball.
2. One over the eight
The phrase one over the eight means drunk and originates from the 1920s in the UK, suggesting that a person can consume eight pints of beer without becoming intoxicated.
John was one over the eight yesterday and we had to drive him home.