Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: equal is a troublesome word when it comes to its spelling as, probably because of the pronunciation, a number of English users think that there is an -e letter before an -l letter. The consequence is equel, which is an incorrect form. The only right form is equal.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: equal derives from the Latin word aequus, which later became aequalis and both forms had the meaning of level, equal, or even. When it comes to English equal entered the language in Middle English. Since then equal has been a commonly used verb and also a noun.

Definition of equal:
1. adjective – refers to someone who is brave or skilled and because of that is able to perform some difficult task,
It is difficult to work, but I believe John, due to his experience, is equal to doing it well.
2. adjective – the same in amount, size, etc.,
The format makes this book look bigger, but in fact, they are equal in content.
3. noun – being of the same relevance,
My father has always treated me as his equal in this business, which is something that makes me proud of myself.

Expressions with equal:
A few popular expressions with equal are: equal pay, equal terms, and be without equal.
Equal pay for men and women should be a standard in a modern workplace, but in reality, it is still something that we need to fight for.
If we don’t start to work on equal terms, I will hand in my resignation.
When it comes to playing chess, he has been without equal for years.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling