Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word tries entered Middle English from an Old French form trier. Today tries is a singular third person of the Present Simple tense of the verb to try. It is worth noticing that the spelling changes when we add the -es ending to the base form.

Definition of tries:
1. verb (third form singular of try) – to attempt to do something,
She tries really hard, but still can’t beat last year’s champion.
2. verb (third form singular of try) – to check or test something,
He tries every possible solution to the problem, yet it still remains unfixed.

Idioms and expressions with tries
Some interesting expressions with tries include:
1. tries his or her hands at something – tries something for the first time,
She tries her hands at a different sport every few months, but still can’t find her real passion.
2. tries somebody’s patience – to make someone impatient,
That kid tries my patience every single time I babysit him.
3. tries it on – to behave badly in order to see how much you will be allowed to do,
When a child tries it on, it’s crucial to stay calm.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: according to the English rule when a word ends in -y and there is a consonant before it, we need to change this -y to -i when we want to add the -es ending. Exactly that happens in the case of try, which changes to tries when we want to add the -es ending to it. Some English users don’t know it and create the form as trys, which is wrong.