Correct spelling

explain to me

Correct spelling, explanation: the correct phrase is explain to me. When asking someone to provide an explanation, the phrase explain to me is the appropriate choice in standard English. The verb explain is typically followed by the preposition to when it is used with a direct object like me, indicating the person to whom the explanation is being directed. On the other hand, the phrase explain me is not grammatically correct in standard English. Make sure not to make that mistake.

Definition of explain to me:
phrase, to make something clear or easy to understand by describing or giving information about it
Could you please explain to me how this new software works?
I’m not sure I understand the concept fully, could you explain it to me again?

Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Explain to me the process: ask someone to describe or clarify a specific procedure or sequence of steps.
Can you explain to me the process of setting up a new email account on this platform?
2. Explain to me the meaning: request a definition or interpretation of a word, phrase, or concept.
Please explain to me the meaning of this term, I’m not familiar with it.
3. Explain to me the reasons: seek an explanation or justification for certain actions, decisions, or events.
Please explain to me the reasons behind the delay in project completion.
4. Explain to me the situation: ask someone to provide details and context about a particular situation or scenario.
Before we proceed, could you explain to me the current market situation?

Incorrect spelling

explain me

Incorrect spelling, explanation: explain to me is the proper way to request an explanation or clarification from someone. In this construction, to is a preposition that indicates the direction of the action, specifying that the explanation is directed toward the person making the request. On the other hand, explain me is not grammatically correct in this context. The verb explain typically requires an indirect object, which is introduced by the preposition to to indicate the recipient of the explanation. Therefore, explain to me is the correct and natural way to ask for an explanation or understanding.