Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word finished, which is the past and past participle form of the base form finish, appeared in English for the first time in the times of Middle English. Finished has its origin in the Latin word finis, which meant end. The word entered Old French, too, in the form of feniss, and finally reached English as finished.

Definition of finished:
1. adjective – final or completed;
Once our project is finished and approved, we will get a promotion.
2. adjective – in production, when a product is finished, it’s ready to be sold;
There are some production problems and we still need a few weeks to provide a finished product.

Phrases with finished:
Some interesting phrasal verbs with finished include:
1. finished something off (past form) – to use all of something or to complete something;
They came back from the trip really hungry and finished the soup off.
2. finished up something (past form) – to complete something;
He finished up his lunch and got down to work.
3. finished somebody off – to make someone exhausted or sad;
I’m not used to physical activities so that one hour at the gym really finished me off.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word finished has a rather simple spelling, but somehow a common mistake in this word is to write it as finnished instead of finished. A double -n in the middle is wrong, though, so make sure you spell it with a single -n letter.