Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common English mistake is to spell the word humorous as humourous, which is wrong. The mistake is probably the result of the fact that the word humor can also be spelled as humour and that’s why some English users think that the same happens with humorous.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: a popular English adjective humorous comes from the word humor, which has a Latin origin in the word humere. Back then, however, the meaning of the word was completely different to the one we know today as it meant moisture or humid. In the late Middle, English humorous started to get a closer meaning to the contemporary one.

Definition of humorous:
1. adjective – something funny, which makes you laugh;
He’s life and soul of every party because he always has some humorous comment about everything, which makes everyone laugh their heads off.

Collocations with humorous:
Some common collocations include: find something humorous, quite humorous, darkly humorous;
The film hasn’t got good reviews, but I found it humorous.
The book is quite a humorous look at marriage and the problems couples struggle with.
His latest piece of writing is a darkly humorous novel, which has pretty good reviews so far.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling