Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word photograph has its origin in the Greek language and it is a combination of the words phos, which means light, and graphe, which means drawing or writing. Today, photograph can function as a noun or a verb and is widely used in spoken and written language.

Definition of photograph:
1. noun – a picture taken with the use of a camera,
Let’s take a photograph of this beautiful view.
2. verb – to take a photo,
We can photograph the data so as not to forget them.

Collocations with photograph:
1. photograph well / badly – to appear good or bad in photographs
2. take a photograph – to get a photo of something
3. a photograph album – a kind of a book in which we store our photos
She is slim and beautiful so usually can photograph well in every circumstance.
Let’s take a photograph of this strange building.
If we want to have a nice holiday souvenir, we should buy a photograph album.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word is a combination of photo and graph, therefore, the correct spelling is a photograph. However, a common mistake made by English users is to omit the letter -o in the middle, which gives the incorrect form photgraph. The mistake is probably the result of pronunciation, which might suggest that there is no -o in the middle.