Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: inlove is incorrect, as there are two words: in and love, not one. In love means that somebody is in a state of loving someone and it is a phrase. Therefore in love is the only correct spelling.

Correct spelling

in love

Correct spelling, explanation: in love is the correct form because there are two separate words in this phrase. To be in love means to love someone; it is not an adjective but rather a phrase saying somebody is in the state of love. That’s why inlove is incorrect and the correct spelling is in love.

Definition of in love:
phrase, to be in a state of love; also: to like something very much
Are they in love or just friends? They are pretty close, you know.
He told her he was in love with her, but he cheated the following year.
I’m in love with this pizza, it’s the best pizza I have ever eaten!

Synonyms of be in love:
be crazy about
fall in love
have a crush on

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling