Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the plural form of the word journey is journeys, but many English users make a mistake and spell it as journies. The mistake probably comes from the fact that when there is a consonant before the -y letter in a singular form it is true that we change it to -i and then add the -es ending to create a plural noun. However, in the case of journeys, there is a vowel before the -y letter so the only correct form is journeys.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of the word journeys is the Latin word diurnus or diurnum, which had a different meaning than today as it used to mean daily portion. Later, the word appeared in Old French, in which it had the form journee and it is more close to the word we know today. Finally, in the Middle Times journeys entered English.

Definition of journeys:
1. noun – going from one place to another, usually in a car, bus, train, etc.,
I hate going on long journeys and they always make me feel nervous.

Phrases with journeys:
Some common phrases include: comfortable journeys, cross-country journeys, emotional journeys;
Comfortable journeys are when you know that you can stop whenever you want to and that’s why I always choose a car.
This traveling agency offers cross-country journeys.
My relationship with him is a never-ending set of emotional journeys.