Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: lable is a common misspelling, as the word has a similar pronunciation as table or stable. The word, however, derives from Middle English French-loanword labelle and this is the source for its spelling: label.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this spelling is correct as it comes from Anglo-French labelle, ribbon. The word is correctly pronounced ley-behl [(leɪbəl)], similarly to table, which may cause mistakes in spelling. However in this case the correct form is label, not lable.

Definition of label:
1. noun, a piece of plastic or paper that describes the thing it is attached to, for example, medicine or a piece of clothing
The label says this shirt should be dry-washed.
I didn’t read the label on this syrup and I took too much.
2. verb, to give a label; to be described on a label; also: about people, to give stereotype
This substance is labelled as poison.
If a girl isn’t very feminine she is usually labelled as a tomboy.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling