Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: Odesa is the name of a city in Ukraine. The word itself, however, has Greek origins and is a female name, which means Long Journey. In fact, Odesa comes from the word Odyssey – a piece of writing by Homer. When it comes to the spelling of the word it’s worth noticing that it’s often spelled with a double s letter, which gives Odessa. This version, however, is outdated.

Definition of Odesa:
1. noun – the name of a city in Ukraine,
Undoubtedly, Odesa is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine.

Phrases with Odesa:
Common phrases with Odesa include popular places in this city, e.g. Odesa National Medical University, Odesa Archeological Museum, Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art;
Odesa National Medical University is considered to be one of the best medical universities in eastern Europe.
Odesa Archeological Museum is housed in a beautiful building.
Odesa Museum of Western and Eastern Art features an impressive collection of modern art.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: when you Google the name Odesa, you can notice that an alternative spelling is Odessa, too. However, the version with a double s letter is a Russian translation of the city name while Odesa is a Ukrainian version and that’s the one that was officially accepted in 2012 by the UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names.