Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word orally is an adverb, therefore it’s a derivative of the adjective oral. Most adverbs are formed by adding the suffix -ly to the end of the basic word. The adjective ends with an -l, so the additional -l must be present because of the adverbial -ly suffix. Therefore, the correct version of this word is orally and oraly is just a mistake.

Definition of orally:
adverb, by means of speech; verbally
The lawyer argued their case orally in front of the judge, presenting compelling arguments and persuasive evidence.
The professor asked the students to present their findings orally during the class discussion rather than submitting a written report.

Collocations with orally:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Administer orally: referring to the method of giving medication or treatment through the mouth, typically in the form of pills, liquids, or syrups.
The doctor advised the patient to take the prescribed medication orally with a glass of water.
2. Communicate orally: to convey information or ideas through spoken words rather than written or non-verbal means.
In order to clarify their doubts, the team members decided to communicate orally through a conference call.
3. Discuss orally: engaging in a conversation or dialogue by speaking and exchanging thoughts and opinions.
The students gathered in a circle to discuss their perspectives on the assigned reading orally.
4. Present orally: to deliver a speech, presentation, or report by speaking in front of an audience.
The researcher confidently presented their findings orally to the conference attendees.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: since adverbs in the English language are derivatives of adjectives, the word orally must accord with its root and that is the word oral. It originates from late Latin oralis, from Latin os, or- mouth. When forming an adverb, one must add the suffix -ly to a basic word. That’s why the correct spelling is orally with two -l letters and not oraly.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling