Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: this spelling is a mistake since the word lacks one additional -l. The regular way of creating an adverb is based on adding the suffix -ly to the end of its root – the adjective. In this case, it’s the word oral. Oral + ly must be spelled orally, therefore oraly is an incorrect spelling and the correct one is orally.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this word is a combination of the adjective oral and the ending -ly, which is necessary to form an adverb. -Ly is a common adverbial suffix. When creating a derivative, always remember to look at its root. If you add -ly to the final, you get a word spelled orally. Oraly is just a mistake.

Definition of orally:
adverb, by means of or through the mouth.
The dentist explained the importance of proper oral hygiene and advised the patient to brush their teeth orally at least twice a day.
The nutritionist recommended consuming fruits and vegetables orally as they provide essential nutrients for overall health.

Collocations with orally:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Examine orally: referring to a method of assessment or evaluation where questions are asked and answered through verbal interaction.
During the language proficiency test, the examiner asked the candidate to demonstrate their speaking skills by examining them orally through a series of questions and prompts.
2. Instruct orally: providing guidance, directions, or explanations through spoken words rather than written instructions.
The coach preferred to instruct the players orally on the tactics during the halftime break.
3. Debate orally: engaging in a formal argument or discussion on a specific topic by expressing opinions and countering opposing viewpoints verbally.
The candidates participated in a heated debate, expressing their viewpoints orally and countering opposing arguments.
4. Report orally: to provide information or updates on a particular subject by speaking rather than submitting a written report.
Instead of submitting a written report, the project team decided to provide updates orally during the meeting.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling