Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: oversight combines the prefix over with the noun sight. However, as another English word – site – has the same pronunciation as sight, a common mistake is to spell oversight as oversite. The latter form is wrong, though, so do not use it.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: oversight has its origin in the word sight, which on the other hand, comes from an Old English word gesihth. Other forms of the word could also be found in Dutch and German languages. Later, the prefix over was added and the oversight started to function.

Definition of oversight:
1. noun – when you’ve made a mistake because you haven’t noticed something,
Due to a minor oversight, I failed the exam and now I have to retake it.
2. noun – responsibility for something,
Mrs. Jones has oversight of the accounting so you should talk to her.

Phrases with oversight:
Several common phrases with oversight are: government oversight, oversight board, and have oversight over something.
There is so much confusion about financial matters in this unit that they can expect government oversight any time now.
A special oversight board will make sure that all the research is conducted in a proper way.
As the manager of the department, you will have oversight over fifty employees.