Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: an English word verify comes from verus, which was a Latin form meaning true. After that, verify – the form of verifier – appeared in Old French, too. Finally, in the Middle Ages, verify entered English, but it was mainly used in a legal context. Today, verify is used in formal and informal contexts.

Definition of verify:
1. verb – to confirm or make certain that something really exists, is correct or true,
Could you verify those numbers? As clearly there is something wrong here.

Collocations with verify:
Some popular collocations with verify are: verify someone’s claims, audit to verify, and verify the data.
It’s a serious allegation so I would advise you to verify his claims before you make it public.
Jane has been making so many mistakes that there is going to be an audit to verify the accounting.
The results of the research are quite promising, but before we all get excited, let’s verify the data.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: verify is a verb that is often misspelled as a lot of English users mistakenly associate the word with a completely different English verb, which is vary. In consequence, verify is frequently written as varify, which is incorrect.