Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: expence could be pronounced the same way expense is, which may lead you to think it’s correct but based on its Latin root word – espensa – it, unfortunately, isn’t. Just think about other related words, such as expensive, or expensively, which may tell you, which consonant is correct in this word.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the easiest way to remember this word is to compare expense to the word expensive – it heavily suggests the spelling. Besides that, the word is based on the Latin word expensa, and even though it changed slightly over time, the consonants change relatively rarely, which is why the s in expense is not going anywhere.

Definition of expense:
1. The cost of obtaining something
The expense of this trip was high but reasonable.
I had a problem, as my income was much lower than my monthly expenses.

Idioms/Phrases with expense:
1. At (one’s) expense – causing one to pay, either literally (financially) or figuratively (with stress/work/at the cost of upsetting someone)
I really didn’t like all the cruel jokes made at my friend’s expense.
Everyone is expected to pay for the trip at their own expense.