Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the pronunciation of the word picture doesn’t clearly suggest that there is a -t letter in the middle. Therefore, a common mistake made by users of English is to write the word picture as picure. However, it is wrong so do not use this form.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: picture comes from the Latin word pictura and it appeared in the times of Middle English. In modern English picture are a widely used noun and a verb, which functions in both spoken and written language.

Definition of picture:
1. noun – a painting or a photo; something you watch on the screen; something you imagine.
2. verb – to think about something, imagine something.
That’s such a lovely picture of yours.
It’s a modern TV set so the picture is really clear.
I have a vivid picture of my wedding day.
Try to picture yourself passing the test so it won’t be so stressful when the day comes.

Collocations with picture:
Some collocations include:
1. motion picture – a movie,
It has been chosen as the best motion picture of the year.
2. out of the picture – unnecessary, unimportant, or not involved,
Everybody used to respect him, but due to his drinking problem, he is been out of the picture for some time.
keep somebody in the picture – to stay updated with the news or a situation,
I use social media every day so I can say that’s what keeps me in the picture.