Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of recent can be found in Latin, but the word entered English from the French form récent, which meant fresh. The word appeared in English in the times of Middle Ages and hasn’t changed much since then. Today, recent is a common adjective, used both in formal and informal contexts.

Definition of recent:
1. adjective – done or happened only a short time ago,
The virus has spread worldwide in recent months and we can see a rising panic among people.

Phrases with recent:
A few common phrases with recent include: in recent times, recent memory, and recent graduate.
I haven’t seen him much in recent times as he’s been involved in a really important and top-secret project.
The death of her loving husband is still a recent memory so let’s give her some more time before she comes back to work.
Emily is a recent graduate of the state university and is about to start working in a financial company.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: recent has uncomplicated spelling, but for some users of English it is confusing. Probably the most common type of mistake is to write recent with a double -c letter, which gives an incorrect form reccent. The only correct spelling is with a single -c letter, which is recent.