Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: using the forms am and pm when talking about time in English is rather easy. Nevertheless, there is one thing to remember and it refers to spelling. A common mistake is to spell the time as e.g. 10am – without the space – while the correct spelling is with the space left, which is 10 am.

Correct spelling

10 am

Correct spelling, explanation: a 24-hour day in English is divided into two parts and is expressed by the forms am and pm. Both of them come from Latin and, more precisely, am stands for ante meridiem (before noon) and pm is post meridiem (after midday) Therefore, for instance, 10 am will be used in the morning while 10 pm in the evening. You can also spell 10 am as 10 a.m. or 10 AM.

Definition of 10 am:
1. adverb – refers to ten o’clock in the morning,
I hate getting up early so my dream job would start at 10 am every day.

Example statements with 10 am:
We arranged the meeting at 10 am, but of course, you’re late.
The train departs at 10 am so we still have time to eat breakfast.
Your job interview will start at 10 am so be on time, please.

Correct spelling

10:00 am

Correct spelling