Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: spelling turkies is incorrect, because there is a vowel e before y in the singular form turkey. This means that we do not change y to i. We only do that, if there is a consonant before y, for example plural of baby is babies, but plural of key is keys. Thus plural of turkey is turkeys, not turkies. Turkeys is the only correct spelling.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: a general rule states, that if y is preceded by a consonant, it is transformed to i when adding s ending (for example for plural forms). For example fryfries, babybabies. In case of a vowel before y we do not change y to I – we only add s. Therefore the correct spelling here is turkeys, not turkies.

Definition of turkeys:
noun, plural form of turkey a gallinaceous bird; (note: Turkey is also a name of the country in West Asia, however it has not got a plural form)
Look at these turkeys, they are bigger than I expected.
Turkeys are usually prepared for Thanksgiving.