Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the base form of permitting is to permit. The word comes from two Latin words – per, which meant through, and mittere, which meant let go or send. Permitting appeared in English in Middle English, but it had the meaning of handing over. In modern English, the meaning of permitting has changed.

Definition of permitting:
1. noun – when something is allowed,
Permitting large corporations for almost everything makes small local businesses disappear.

Collocations with permitting:
A few common collocations with permitting include: permitting entry, permitting children, and permitting abortion.
Permitting entry for people who aren’t wearing a mask is irresponsible as the pandemic isn’t over yet.
Permitting children sweets, whenever they ask for them, leads to the epidemic of obesity.
Permitting abortion is a highly controversial issue, which often disunites society.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: one of the most common mistakes made in the word permitting is to spell it with a single -t letter, which results in an incorrect form permiting. The mistake probably comes from the fact that the base form of permitting, which is permit, is indeed spelled with a single -t letter. However, when the -ing ending is added, the -t letter has to be doubled.