Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the base form of shot is to shoot with shot being the past simple and past participle form of this verb. However, shot can also function as a noun. The word itself comes from Germanic languages and already appeared in Old English, but back then it looked different as it was sceot or gesceot. Today, shot is a widely used word in various contexts.

Definition of shot:
1. noun – to score a point in the game by hitting, throwing, or kicking a ball,
After the final shot, the crowds went mad and everybody started to celebrate the victory.
2. verb (past simple and past participle form) – to fire a weapon to hurt or kill someone,
She shot the mugger in an act of self-defense.
3. verb (past simple and past participle form) – to try to win a game by kicking, throwing, or hitting the ball
He shot from the distance but still managed to score a point.

Collocations with shot:
A few commonly used collocations with shot are: warning shot, fire a shot, and a poor shot.
It was only a warning shot, but it managed to calm the panicking people down.
The man fired a shot at the woman ad quickly drove away.
I tried to stop the burglar, but I took a poor shot and he escaped.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: an English verb to shoot is irregular and its past simple and past participle form is shot. However, some users of English think it is regular and they form the past simple and past participle form by adding the -ed ending, which results in shooted. This form is wrong, though, and the only correct form is shot.