Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: surrender is a word of Old French origin, and back then it had the form surrendre, which used to mean to give up. The word actually combined two other Old French words and these were sur and render, whose meanings were over and give. In contemporary English surrender is used either as a noun or as a verb in both formal and informal contexts.

Definition of surrender:
1. noun – admitting defeat,
The whole world is awaiting the surrender of the evil leader, which will finally end the war.
2. verb – to admit defeat,
My son isn’t a criminal and I’m sure he will surrender once he sees the police.

Collocations with surrender:
A few common collocations include: be forced to surrender, demand someone’s surrender, and refuse to surrender.
It was a great operation of our policemen and the attackers were forced to surrender.
The dictator demanded all the protestants surrender and everyone who refused was taken to prison.
If they refuse to surrender, you have my permission to open fire.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: surrender is an English word that often features spelling mistakes. The most common one is writing the word with a single -r letter in the middle. It results in surender, which is incorrect and the only correct spelling is with a double -r letter, which is surrender.