Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: transfered is the incorrect version of the past participle from a verb transfer. To create a past participle from transfer, we need to not only add the suffix -ed, but also double the last consonant. Transfer is a word that ends with a vowel and a consonant and the accent is on the last syllable, so to create the correct past participle r needs to be doubled. Because of that, the spelling transfered is not correct and the right version is transferred.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: transferred is a past participle of a verb transfer. It is a verb that ends with a vowel and a consonant and accent is on the last syllable, therefore we need to double the last consonant, in this case, r, and add the suffix -ed to create the past participle form. For that reason, the correct version is transferred and not transfered, because in the second form the rule was not applied.

Definition of transferred:
verb: past participle from transfer
– to move, transform or change from one place, person, group, situation, job, etc. to another;
He needed all his things transferred to a new apartment after he was transferred to the office across the country.
– to make something a possession of someone else legally;
He discovered that his grandfather transferred the house to him before dying.
– to arrange the phone call answered on the other device that it was received to;
I need all my phone calls transferred to my mobile phone today.