Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of the word destruction can be found in the Latin word destruere, which was a verb meaning to destroy. Later, the word appeared in Old French, too, in which it had the form of destruire and finally destruction entered Middle English. In modern English destruction is a common noun, used in both spoken and written language.

Definition of destruction:
1. noun – an act of destroying something;
The hurricane was so strong that it caused the total destruction of the area.

Phrases with destruction:
A few common expressions with the word destruction are: widespread destruction, forest destruction, and prevent destruction.
One day such an advanced type of weapon may bring about widespread destruction.
The firefighters couldn’t fight the fire for a few days so it caused forest destruction.
To prevent the destruction of the coast the authorities should rebuild the old river banks.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: as the pronunciation of the word destruction is /dɪˈstrʌk.ʃən/, it is commonly misspelled. Both native users of English and its learners make a mistake and spell the word as distruction – with the -i letter in the first syllable. It is wrong, though, and destruction is the only correct spelling.