Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: two English words – translator and later – rhyme and that’s why many English users believe that they have the same spelling, too. As a result, a common mistake is to spell the word translator as translater, which is incorrect.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the origin of the word translator can be found in the Latin words transferre and translat. The meaning of the words was to carry across. The word entered English in the times of Middle English in the form translate. Later, the word translator evolved from the word translate.

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Definition of translator:
1. noun – a person who changes the written words into a different language;
If you want to become a translator, you need to know the language really well.
2. noun – an application or a piece of equipment that changes the words from one language to another;
One of the most popular language applications is, undoubtedly, Google Translator.

Phrases with translator:
Some common phrases include:
1. simultaneous translator – a person who translates the words in real-time;
As a simultaneous translator, you need to react quickly as there is no time for checking the words in a dictionary.
2. sworn translator – a certified translator who can officially translate legal documents;
You need to find a sworn translator if you want to have this birth certificate translated.
3. legal translator – a person who translates some law documents from one language into another;
A legal translator can’t reveal to anyone the scope of his work.