Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: whether to double a letter in a word or not is often a hard one, especially when the word is long and you know that for sure there is a double. Thus, a common mistake is to double -g, which gives aggreement, but this form is obviously incorrect.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: agreer is an Old French word that is the origin of the present form – agreement. The old form had a similar meaning to the contemporary one as it meant make agreeable to. A common prefix that is added to the word is -dis and therefore in the word family, we will find disagree and disagreement.

Definition of agreement:
1. noun – it always refers to a situation when two people, groups, or parties have the same opinion on something, it can be used in either a formal or informal context:
We were arguing for hours about which color of paint to choose, but finally, we reached an agreement.
The companies had to hire a professional negotiator in order to reach an agreement.

Collocations with agreement:
1. verbs: reach, come to, enter into agreement
We came to an agreement after long negotiations.
2. prepositions: with, on
I reached an agreement with my husband on our next holiday destination.
3. other forms: a binding agreement, a written agreement, a legal agreement