Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: ammount is an incorrect form, because in the original French word amonter (to rise, to go up), there is just one consonant m. This origin points to the spelling amount which is the correct one.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the correct spelling of this word is amount, so with just one consonant m. This spelling originates in old Anglo-French form amonter (to go up), and earlier from Latin to mont (to the mountain). This explains the spelling amount and why the one with two mammount – is incorrect.

Definition of amount:
1. noun, quantity of something, used for uncountable nouns
This amount of money is not enough to survive.
2. noun, sum of two or more quantities
The amount of this dress and trousers is £55.
3. verb, to add up
Your credit card debts amounts to some crazy sum!

Idioms and phrases with amount
amount to something, to achieve something important in life, to reach the goal or lead to it
If you want to amount to something you should work more.
Does he really think that these evidence amount to something?