Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: an English word souvenir comes from subvenire, which is a Latin form that meant occur to the mind. Souvenir also entered French and it already looked the way it looks today, but it used to mean remember. In the 18th century, souvenir appeared in English.

Definition of souvenir:
1. noun – a thing which you keep to remember some important or nice days in your life,
Photographs are my favorite souvenir from holidays as I can have them on my mobile and watch them whenever I want to.

Collocations with souvenir:
A few popular collocations with souvenir include: as a souvenir, keep something as a souvenir, and souvenir store.
I’m giving you this ring as a souvenir of my love, which I hope you will never forget.
It is so beautiful here that I will take a picture and I will keep it as a souvenir of this amazing trip.
Let’s go to this souvenir store to get something that will remind us of this place.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: English users often make a mistake and misspell souvenir as souvenier. The latter form is wrong and is the result of the way the word is pronounced as it may suggest that there is an -e letter before the last letter. In fact, however, the only correct version is souvenir.