Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: for many English users the word possess is quite troublesome when it comes to spelling. It happens due to the fact that it has double -s in the middle of the word as well as at the end. It is quite confusing and a common mistake is to spell possess as posess, which is wrong.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: possess comes from Latin, in which it had the same form when it comes to spelling, but it had a slightly different meaning as it used to have the meaning of held or occupied. Possess, however, didn’t enter English from Latin, but from Old French. Today, the word possess functions as a verb.

Definition of possess:
1. verb – to possess some physical good or to have a certain quality or skill;
His desire is to possess a big mansion one day.
You need to possess well-developed leadership skills for this position.

Phrases with possess:
Some typical phrases include: possess qualifications, possess powers, possess strength;
You will possess the desired qualifications once you finish the course.
In the past witches were supposed to possess magical powers.
If you possess strength in your mind, you will possess strength in your body, too.