Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: arround is an incorrect spelling because there is no need to double r after the prefix a-. The core word for around is round and it starts with one r which doesn’t have to be doubled. This is why arround is wrong, and the correct spelling is around.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word’s origins is the word round, meaning in circles, in a shape of a circle. This word is spelled with only one r, so when the prefix a- was added to create the word around this consonant also wasn’t doubled. Spelling around is the correct one and arround is thus incorrect.

Definition of around:
1. adverb, in circle
People gathered around to see what happened.
2. adverb, circa, roughly
– What time is it? – I think around 7:30.
3. preposition, placed on all sides of something; in a circle
The children’s room was a mess – clothes, toys, and crayons all around.

Idioms and phrases with around:
what goes around comes around, used to say that with every action one should be aware of the consequences
He did a terrible thing! Apparently, he forgot that what goes around comes around.