Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: beaten is a verb that has a Germanic origin and in English, it appeared for the first time in Old English, where it had the form bēatan. Today, the infinitive form of the verb is to beat, while beaten is its past participle form, but it can also function as an adjective.

Definition of beaten:
1. verb (past participle) – to be better than somebody else or to defeat someone;
Spain has just beaten England in the final match.
2. verb (past participle) – to hit somebody or something;
The dog can barely walk as his owner has beaten it badly.
3. verb (past participle) – to mix something with a spoon or whisk;
I’ve just beaten two eggs with sugar and have no clue what’s the next step.
4. verb (past participle) – refers to a regular sound or movement;
My heart has never beaten so fast as today.
5. adjective – refers to a metal or a ground that has been made flat;
Beaten silver is often used to create jewelry.

Idioms with beaten:
1. off the beaten track – refers to a place where only a few people go, far away from well-known places;
We wanted to be close to nature so we chose a hotel that was off the beaten track.
2. weather-beaten – refers to a material or skin which was damaged or somehow changed because of the weather;
His face is weather-beaten as all his life he has been working physically outdoors.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: one of the most difficult aspects of learning English is to decide whether a verb is regular or irregular and – if it is the latter – what its regular form looks like. As a result, many English users make a mistake in this matter and one of the confusing verbs is to beat, whose third form is beaten. However, a common mistake is to spell it as beated, which is wrong.