Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: when creating a plural form, you need to be careful: sometimes it’s not enough to just add a regular suffix. In the case of the word body, we have to remember the rule, according to which if the last two letters of a noun are a consonant and -y letter, we need to remove the vowel -y and add the ending -ies to the base. In this way, we get the form bodies, not bodys.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: bodies is a plural of body. This spelling is correct, because when we have a word with a single consonant before the last -y, we must change -y to -i and then add the suffix -es in order to create a plural. Always remember this rule. The only correct form is bodies, not bodys.

Definition of bodies:
plural noun, the physical whole of a living or dead organism
It’s really important to take care of our bodies, but we tend to forget that.
I like people with tattooed bodies. I find them attractive.