Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: children’s is a possessive word, built by adding a possessive ‘s (an s suggesting that someone owns something, not s meaning is or plural s) to a base word – children, which is a plural form of child. It is important to remember the apostrophe when adding the s to possessive words because without it the word loses its meaning and is unclear to the reader.

Definition of children’s:
possessive word
1. something possessed by many kids, something of kids
Sweets, pancakes, and pizza are often children’s favorite food.
I promised to take my daughter to Disneyland to celebrate Children’s Day.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: childrens is an incorrect word because of several reasons. First of all, without an apostrophe, the word looks like a plural form of children, which is already an irregular plural form, and adding the s is a grammatical error. On the other hand, if the s was supposed to be a possessive ‘s, there is no apostrophe, which makes the word’s meaning unclear, unlike children’s, which is the correct form with a distinctive meaning.