Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: as the word conjure has a French origin, it looks French and is similar to the French word bonjour. As a result, many English speakers make a mistake and spell the word as conjour, which often results in a wrong pronunciation, too. The only correct spelling of the word is conjure and its pronunciation is /ˈkʌn.dʒər/.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word conjure has its roots in the Latin words con and jurare. The former one meant together while the latter one meant to swear. When the two words joined, the form conjurare appeared and its meaning was to conspire by oath. Later the word entered Old French and finally, in Middle English, conjure appeared in English, too.

Definition of conjure:
1. verb – When something appears as if by magic;
The magician managed to conjure a card from his hand, but I was pretty sure that nothing had been there.

Phrases with conjure:
Some interesting phrases with conjure include: conjure something up (to think of something, imagine something), be a name to conjure with (when someone’s name has positive connotations);
Try to conjure up the images of relaxing by the seaside when you think of summer.
In the world of IT, Steve Jobs is still a name to conjure with.