Correct spelling

dining room

Correct spelling, explanation: the expression dining room comes from a verb to dine, which entered English in the times of Middle English from an Old French form disner, which had the meaning to eat the main meal of the day. The origin of the word can be tracked in Latin, though. The idea of a dining room, however, appeared for the first time in ancient Greece.

Definition of dining room:
1. noun – a room at a house where meals are eaten;
The house has a spacious kitchen and a beautiful dining room with an entrance to the terrace.

Collocations with dining room:
Some commonly used collocations include: spacious dining room, cozy dining room, dining room chairs;
On the right, you will find a spacious dining room, which can seat over twenty people.
It is such a cozy dining room with walls in warm colors and a lot of light.
These dining room chairs are very elegant, but they do not match that old table.

Incorrect spelling

dinning room

Incorrect spelling, explanation: a common mistake made by English users is to spell the word dining room with a double -n, which gives an incorrect form dinning room. The mistake is probably the result of the fact that a common word dinner, which belongs to the same word family, features a double -n letter. Therefore, remember that the only correct spelling of a dining room is with a single -n letter.