Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: the word exorbitant is often misspelled as exhorbitant. It is probably the result of the fact that we have a word exhausted in English, which has a similar pronunciation and features the h letter at the beginning of the word. The word exorbitant, however, lacks the h letter.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word exorbitant has its origin in Latin, in which it combined two words – ex and orbita – the former one can be translated as out from while the latter one as track or course. Later, the word evolved to the form exorbitant, which we know today but its meaning differed as it meant going off the track.

Definition of exorbitant:
1. adjective – far too large, e.g. prices;
We wanted to eat dinner at this restaurant, but the prices were exorbitant.

Collocations with exorbitant:
Some typical collocations include exorbitant prices, exorbitant demands, and exorbitant expenditures.
I wouldn’t do shopping there as everything there has an exorbitant price.
The exorbitant demands of the manager made the workers resign from the job one by one.
Exorbitant expenditures for warlike activities led the country to an economic crisis.