Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, definition: when spelling the word iceberg, we must pay attention to both parts of the noun: ice and berg. This merge originates from the Dutch ijsberg. It was already present in English in the 18th century. We cannot change the shape of this word, so the only correct form is iceberg. Therefore, iceburg is a mistake.

Correct spelling


correct spelling, definition: iceberg is a common noun that has been in the English language for a long time. Its only correct spelling contains the vowel -e. It is not entirely clear where the misspelling came from, it may be due to pronunciation. However, we should remember to always look at the etymology, which indicates the form iceberg, not iceburg.

Definition of iceberg:
noun, an emotionally cold person
My mother was always really reserved, she reminded me of an iceberg.
You’re supposed to be happy, why are you acting like an iceberg?