Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the confusion between the words ladder and latter likely arises from their similar-sounding pronunciation. Language can be tricky, and homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings) are common sources of errors. In this case, ladder and latter are homophones, which can lead to inadvertent mix-ups in writing or speech. To avoid confusion, it’s essential to pay attention to the context in which these words are used and to be mindful of their distinct meanings.

Definition of ladder:
noun, a piece of equipment used for climbing up and down
The firefighter quickly ascended the tall ladder to rescue the cat stuck in the tree.
He used a sturdy wooden ladder to reach the high shelves in the garage and retrieve the old family photo albums.

Collocations with ladder:
Some most commonly used collocations include:
1. Extension ladder: a ladder that can be extended or elongated to reach greater heights, often used for tasks like painting houses or repairing roofs.
He needed an extension ladder to reach the top of the tall tree and trim the branches.
2. Step ladder: a ladder with a hinged design and steps or platforms, typically used for tasks that require access to lower heights, such as changing light bulbs or reaching items on shelves.
She used a step ladder to replace the light fixture in the kitchen.
3. Folding ladder: a ladder that can be folded for easy storage and transportation, making it convenient for various household and professional tasks.
The folding ladder in the garage is perfect for reaching items on high shelves.
4. Aluminum ladder: a ladder made of aluminum, known for its lightweight and durable properties, commonly used in construction and maintenance work.
The aluminum ladder was easy to carry and set up for the roofing project.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: you shouldn’t use ladder as a replacement for latter in your writing. These words have distinct meanings and are not interchangeable. Ladder refers to a piece of equipment with rungs or steps used for climbing up or down. Latter is used to refer to the second of two things mentioned, the last part of a period of time, or the second mentioned of two people or items. Using ladder instead of latter would create confusion and likely result in incorrect communication. It’s important to use the correct word based on the intended meaning of your sentence.