Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: modle is an incorrect way to spell this word; the correct spelling is model. It derives from Latin modello and later French and Italian forms. Therefore modle is a misspelling.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: this word originates in Latin, French, and Italian (modulus, modelle, modello), and its spelling comes from these words. This is why model is the correct form. Misspelling modle may appear because of the existence of different words ending with -le (for example bottle), which are pronounced similarly.

Definition of model:
1. noun, something, for example, an object, that purpose is to show how it should be done or look like
I like your collection of car models.
Disclaimer: this meaning of the word model can also be used as an adjective. Look:
I like your collection of model cars.
2. noun, a person who works in the fashion industry, showing clothes or accessories on them
Kate Moss is probably the best-known model from the 1990s.
3. verb, to give a shape to something; an action done by a model
I modelled this vase, isn’t it nice for a beginner?
She has been modelling since she was 16.