Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: verify is an English verb, but its origin can be found in the Latin form verus, which could be translated as true. The word also entered Old French in the form verifier. When it comes to English verify appeared in it in the times of Middle English and back then it used to be a legal term. In modern English verify is used in various contexts.

Definition of verify:
1. verb – to make sure that something is true or correct,
We can’t transfer any money unless you verify the number of your bank account.

Phrases with verify:
A few commonly used phrases with verify are: verify a fact, verify someone’s identity, and verify reports.
Before you publish your article, you need to verify this fact as it is quite controversial.
Before you let a stranger into your house, always verify his or her identity.
Please, verify those reports before you show them to our CEO – you know how much he hates mistakes.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: verify is a commonly misspelled word as a number of English speakers confuse it with another English word, which is vary. As a result, verify is often spelled as varify, which is wrong as the two words have nothing in common.