Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: due to the pronunciation of the word, which is /ˈmɒd.əl/, many learners and native users of English make a common mistake by spelling the word as modle instead of model. The former version, however, is wrong and the only correct spelling is model.

Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: the word model functions in modern English as a noun or as a verb. Model is a word with a long history as it already appeared in English in the 16th century. The origin of the word, however, can be tracked in a Latin word modulus, which later entered Italian and French and finally reached English, too.

Definition of model:
1. noun – refers to a good example of something, a new type of something, or to a person who presents clothes or jewelry;
John is a model student – he is always prepared and gets only good grades.
We will present the latest model of our watch in a few months.
She is so pretty that she could easily work as a model.
2. verb – refers to advertising clothes by wearing them or to making something, often with the use of some plastic material;
She has an amazing opportunity to model in Dubai, which can really boost her career.
We can use this clay to model funny animal figures.

Expressions and collocations with model:
Some interesting expressions and collocations with model include:
1. to model yourself on somebody – to try to copy someone else;
She tries to model herself on Lady Gaga, which sometimes makes her look strange.
2. to release a model – used when a new model of something is presented to the world;
They are going to release a new model of their smartphone next week, which is something I’m really looking forward to.
standard model – a typical example of something, often the basic one;
Unfortunately, with my salary, I can afford only the standard model of a car.