Correct spelling


Correct spelling, explanation: prevention is a word of Latin origin, which used to be the word praevenire. It could be translated as hinder and precede and, in fact, it was a combination of prae, which meant before, and venire, which meant come. When it comes to English prevention didn’t appear in it until the Middle Ages.

Definition of prevention:
1. noun – stopping something bad from happening,
Locking him in his own room for over a week was his parents’ desperate drug prevention measure.

Collocations with prevention:
A few common collocations include: prevention strategy, accident prevention, and pollution prevention.
The city authorities are planning to introduce a new prevention strategy, which will help them reduce the crime rate in the area.
Introducing speed limits is one of the most popular accident prevention methods.
There is a rubbish bin at almost every corner as a part of our pollution prevention program.

Incorrect spelling


Incorrect spelling, explanation: one of the most common noun endings in English is -ion as it happens, for example, in prevention, which is a combination of prevent and -ion. However, some users of English think that the ending is -ation and they spell prevention as preventation, which is wrong.